A beautiful 2 bottle wine carrier with 2 travel bottle protector & 1 corkscrew

What does Wahioli means?

The name Wahioli comes from a combination of Hawaiian words that mean wahi = Place, Olioli = Joy. Wahioli = A joyful place.

Our brand mission is based on accompanying our clients to share moments with the beloved ones, those moments of joy and happiness that are lived when traveling, having a picnic, on the beach or simply at home with the proximity of those important persons.


  • 🍾❤️ 4 SET PACKAGE | A beautiful and convenient gift for wine lover and travelers. Includes one 2 bottle wine carrier bag insulated with shoulder strap and interior divider + 2 reusable wine bottle protectors with two Ziploc seal and Velcro + 1 portable bottle opener.
  • 😍 HIGH QUALITY AND BEAUTIFUL DESIGN | Our wine cooler purse and wine travel protectors has being design for look good and reuse over and over for a long time.
  • ❄️ PADDED & THERMAL INSULATED | Keep your wine, water, beers, milk, soda, etc. cold for hours and your bottles safe thanks to the interior padded and collapsible divider that prevent bottles from colliding and crashing with each other.
  • 👍 TRIPLE SEALED PROTECTION AND SHOCK PROOF| Keep your luggage safe during your airplane travel thanks to the 2 Ziploc and Velcro seal that prevent leaks and protect your bottles with the bubble inner skin.
  • 🎁 PERFECT WINE ACCESSORIES AND GIFTS | For wine lovers and travelers, ideal for picnics, beach days and party, outdoor and indoor entertainment.

What are the Measures?

Product description

Enjoy what you like to do in the company of your loved ones with our beautiful set conformed by one 2 bottle wine Carrier cooler bag + 2 reusable wine travel protectors and 1 portable bottle opener.

Forget those bad quality wine carrier and travel bottle protectors that do not keep your bottles cold and safe; leak or are damaged after few uses.

・Keep your wine and other beverages chilled for hours.
・High quality materials designed for reuse over and over again. Conformed by 600D polyester exterior to ensure maximum durability with a strong and removable interior divider.
・The wine bottle protector no leaks and is shock proof, perfect for airplane travel, indoor and outdoor activities.
・Convenient size, ideal for two 750 ml wine bottles.
・Easy to clean.

More than three years of experience and thousands of clients worldwide endorse our company.

Benefits and Features:

・Beautiful, useful and convenient package. The perfect gift for wine lovers and travelers.
・Wine cooler bag size (in): 8.1 x 3.5 x 13
・Wine travel protector size (in): 7.39 x 0.39 x 18.90
・Bottle opener size (in): 4.8 x 0.8 x 0.4
・Perfect to enjoy with the company of your loved ones

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